Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Bonkers yet Brilliant

This week I've come across my new favourite bonkers Gaelic word:

'Dìochuimhneachadh' (forgotten).

Well really!

Still... break it down and you have 'chuimhne' in the middle, a lenited version of 'cùimhne' meaning 'memory'.

'Chan eil cùimhne agam' - I don't remember. 

From this we get 'cùimhneach' - mindful.

From this we get 'cùimhneachadh' - mindfulness (i.e. remembering)

From this we get 'Dìochuimhneachadh' - non-mindfulness, i.e. forgetting.

What started off as a silly bonkers word with way too many letters in it has now got me all of a quiver and I need dabbing down with a damp flannel again.

I blooming well love Gaelic.

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